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Body cam footage shows Parker police in November deadly shooting

Parker police release body cam footage in November shooting

PARKER, Colo. - New body and dash camera footage give a better view of a shooting that happened in Parker, Colorado.

An unidentified officer is heard saying, "Come here. Show me your hands. Stop!" He's speaking to Michael Marin, a man with a lengthy criminal history in Colorado.

On November 4th, police were looking for him in an apartment complex where he was accused of knocking on people's doors and suspected of trying to rob a pharmacy earlier that night in Lakewood.

The video shows Marin running from police and exchanging gunfire. They later caught up to him in a breezeway where Marin is seen holding a gun toward police. 

Next, you hear several expletives bleeped out followed by gunfire. 18th Judicial District Attorney, George Brauchler said, “The reality is you point a gun at police, you refuse to follow their instructions and you continue to show aggressive behavior consistent with what you’ve done before you are going to be shot and killed. That is going to happen,” 

Marin was shot 15 times. He later died at the hospital from his injuries.

It has been determined the officers used an appropriate amount of force and did not break any state laws.

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