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Bonfoy Apartments still dealing with cleanup from August hailstorm

Bonfoy Apartments still dealing with...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Nearly five months after a hailstorm pounded Colorado Springs, some people are still out of their homes because of damage. The storm washed out the entire bottom floor at the Bonfoy Apartments and there's no timeline for repairs.

In August, several tenants were forced to leave because of flooding, and as of Monday, still nothing has been touched.

"The water was up about this high to my knees," said Robert Frazee, a tenant.

That historic hailstorm turned the inside of his apartment into a river, but the floor below him had it worse.

"They all had to move out because everything was damaged," he said.

In August the parking lot was flooded.

"The water was up to the door handles on the cars and we were watching the cars literally float down the street," said Raleigh Goss, another tenant.

Now, months later empty apartments sit filled with dirt and damage.

"I haven't had contact from the maintenance or management people whatsoever, nothing," Frazee said.

KRDO contacted the city of Colorado Springs code enforcement to see what was on file at the apartment. An official there told us there weren't any problems reported and if tenants were evicted, that comes down to the landlord.

We tried calling the landlord but were told a property manager wasn't in the office Monday.

Frazee believes other tenants were evicted because of mold.

"I hesitate going in because I heard there's mold growing in some of the apartments," he said.

If that's the case, the landlord is responsible for the cleanup, according to the city. At the least, tenants want answers.

"I'd like to see them get it fixed so people can get back in here but it's going to take some time there's a lot of damage," Goss said.

Frazee is not only worried for his former neighbors, but also his health.

"It is very frustrating," he said.

The hailstorm was record breaking, causing more then $352 million in damage.

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