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Suspect in Pueblo bounty hunter shooting arrested

Victim recovering after surgery

Bounty Hunter Shot by Fugitive in Pueblo

- Update:

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo Police say that Adrian Carrera was found hiding at a motel in Fowler Thursday. He was arrested by the Pueblo SWAT team and Fowler Police Department.

Police say that when they arrived at the motel, Carrera tried to get away by jumping out of a bathroom window. He was quickly caught in a field adjacent to the hotel.

Pueblo Police say Carrera was armed with a loaded gun when he was arrested, and that additional weapons and ammunition were found in the hotel room.

Carrera was booked into the Pueblo County Detention Center on existing warrants and an attempted first degree murder charge for Thursday's bounty hunter shooting at 12th and Reading.


Original Report

A violent confrontation Thursday on Pueblo's east side ended with a bounty hunter hurt and a wanted fugitive back on the run.

Although police hadn't released the victim's identity as of late Thursday night, family and friends confirm that Walter Christopher Stokely, 48, was shot in the late morning incident at the intersection of 12th Street and Reading Avenue.

Police said they were seeking Adrian Carerra, 21, as the suspect -- a man already wanted on three warrants for drug and traffic violations.

"Chris was in the process of tracking this guy once again, and he recognized Chris' vehicle," said James Poole, a Texas resident who describes himself as a lifelong friend of Stokely.

"Chris knew (Carrera) was there but (Carrera) got out so fast, (Stokely) had no chance to react," Poole said.  (Carrera) stopped, got out of his vehicle, and shot at (Stokely's) vehicle twice, and then approached the passenger-side door and shot through it, hitting Chris in the forearm, and it ricocheted and hit him in the groin."

Poole said Stokely may have mistaken Carrera for a relative of the fugitive.

Stokely's brother and fellow bounty hunter, Wayne Stokely, said Chris Stokely had successful surgery Thursday night.

"If it doesn't take, they may have to go back and do bone grafts and insert screws," Wayne Stokely said.  "But so far, he's doing well.  He called me earlier and told me to get over to the east side because he saw Carrera, but he was already shot when I got there."

The Stokelys work for a relative of Bobby Brown, a well-known Colorado Springs bail bondsman.

"This guy (Carrera) is very dangerous," Brown said.  "They've been after him for a while but he keeps getting away.  It's rare that there's a shootout, but he has said he'll never be taken alive."

Brown said he wished Chris Stokely had more backup before the incident.

"I never send (fewer) than three (bounty hunters) out there, so that we always have the front door, the back door, so there's a lot of preparation," he said.

Poole said he has kept in touch with Chris Stokely even though they haven't seen each other in several decades.

"I'm going to have to visit him," Poole said.  "Love you, brother.  Anything you need, I'm there."

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