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Carson Midway Fire evacuees return home to find new problems

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - As hundreds return back to their homes after the Carson Midway Fire, they're finding new problems left behind by the massive blaze.

Some homes were left without electricity from the fire knocking down power lines and phone lines. Crews spent all day working to fix the downed lines. Herb Rideout was one of the people left without power. Fortunately for him, the power at his house turned back on shortly after getting home, Rideout says, "I was expecting the power being down for at least maybe a day or two after the fire but they had it up."

Charred hills now surround the surviving houses. Dwayne Heidelberg says it might not be the most pleasant sight, but is just happy his home was not destroyed, "It was really a relief to be back home and find that everything and my house wasn't destroyed," says Heidelberg

Power issues aside, many are still angry that despite heavy winds, Fort Carson leaders still allowed soldiers to train with live ammo. "All I can say is what the hell were they thinking?" says Rideout, "It's like, all I can say is just we got lucky only three houses were burned but it could have been a lot worse."

Others disagree with Rideout saying people who live in the area should have known what they were getting into living so close to Fort Carson.

Despite the issues, everyone who returned home says they are incredibly thankful for the fire crews that protected their homes from the blaze

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