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CDOT provides free roadside assistance on I-25

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol CDOT

  Did you know, the Colorado Department of Transportation provides free roadside assistance on I-25 in Colorado Springs? KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tagged along for a-ride-along and tells us how the Safety Patrol program helps drivers.


Gregg Grisham is on the road providing a different kind of patrolling. "Our main focus is to keep the highway flowing and clear, getting accidents out of the way," says Grisham.

One that helps motorists who are broken-down on the highway.
"When you're broke down on the side of the road it can be a very distressing day for a lot of people and we're here to help."

We drove on Interstate 25 for about two hours but Tuesday’s morning commute seemed pretty calm. Although, my camera couldn't capture Gregg ‘coming to the rescue’ he told me what the Safety Patrol does to help.

"[If drivers] run out of gas, have a flat tire, we'll do what we can to get them going again."

The average roadside assistance costs between $36 and $100 dollars but that's not the case with CDOT.


With CDOT’s roadside assistance what price are we looking at for some help? "There is no price! If I stop and help you, everything I do is free of charge to you it doesn't cost a dime.

Thanks to taxpayer money—services include short distance towing, accident scene protection and minor mechanical assistance. Drivers in need of road side assistance just need to call CDOT


Due to its effectiveness at enhancing driver safety and reducing delays CDOT expanded the program to the Colorado Springs about a year ago.

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