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'Choking Game' fatalities on the rise amongst teens

The Choking Game is no joke

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The 'Choking Game' may be unfamiliar to you but your teenagers are probably well aware of it.

It's a game that's taken the lives of many teenagers across the country in recent years and it's no laughing matter. Teens looking for a quick way to get high by restricting the flow of oxygen to their brains by hanging themselves with a belt, rope, or bathrobe tie. Some teens even choking out their friends into temporary or even permanent unconsciousness.

Henry and Martha Suarez 's daughter Kimiko died from playing the game in 2014. Now the the Suarez's have made it their mission in life to get the word out about this deadly game and are doing it through G.A.S.P. or Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play.




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