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Colorado College hockey coach Mike Haviland's great weight loss

Haviland used to weigh 300 pounds

Mike Haviland's great weight loss

In 2009, When he was an assistant coach with the Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado College hockey coach Mike Haviland was hanging out with some high school buddies, when they started asking the question, who has gained the most weight since high school? Havi didn't think it was him, until he hopped on a scale.

Now, coaches hate to lose but seven  years ago Mike Haviland knew there was something he had to lose..Haviland Sot "I remember at one time my neck size was a 20 and my waist was a 44, I ended up getting up to 305."  Hard to believe by looking at him today but this is what Coach Haviland looked like in 2009.

"When I got on the scale and I saw that number I said that was somebody else it wasn't me and so 305 kind of scared me, I never thought that I didn't think I was 305 even when I weighted it."

Havi made some lifestyle changes, started to diet, laced up his shoes and started working out,  "Just watching what I ate I got rid of beer I didn't have anymore beer. I got rid of the soda which was something that I was a Diet Coke guy probably on game day maybe four or five in a day."

Instead of five diet cokes a day he started working out five days a week., " I got to tell you I lost 30 pounds in that month from just doing that in one month."

He lost so much weight his wardrobe didn't fit him anymore, " My shirts were hanging off of my neck. I wouldn't go to get my new suits or anything so I was kind of just pulling the belt."
After a year of altering is life, "Well I lost 100 and almost 110." Yes you heard him right he lost 100 pounds or a large dog.

When losing weight the hardest thing is to keep it off Havi has kept it off for six years, "I watch what I eat still, I watch what I put in my body. I believe that if you put your mind to it people can do it I think that's in life with anything."

Haviland says one of things that motivates him is the fear that he will one day weigh 300 pounds again. Also,

during the year of his greatest loss, coach Haviland won the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks.


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