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Colorado Springs Community Working together to Help Evicted Seniors

VIDEO Community Reaching out to help...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs community is coming together to help the dozens of seniors getting evicted from their homes.

Hundreds of comments were posted on the KRDO Facebook page offering a helping hand to those at Emerald Towers Apartments in Colorado Springs. Multiple Facebook groups were created to raise awareness of what's happening.

One of those groups is SpringsChive, an organization known to assist those in the community. One of the administrators Yvonne Harrity says she received messages this morning about the situation and decided to do something about it, "the last thing we want to see is our seniors homeless," says Harrity. "This is something that can't happen."

On Friday, Harrity dropped off flyers at the complex offering to help pack boxes, move, and the group plans on starting a Crowdrise account to help raise money for a down payment on apartments. She says, "That's where we are going to come in and say what do you need? Do you need help packing? They might just need someone to sit and listen because I can imagine the heartache that just happened."

Harrity says seeing the outpour of support from those in the community is heartwarming, "It really just tugged at my heart. Literally there were times I was reading and just tearing up because people do care."

A rally is also being held on the 19th of this month to raise awareness and to ask the City Council to step in. 

Someone started an online petition that will be sent to the regional property manager that signed the eviction notices and the City Council. It's asking for 200 signatures and already they are more than halfway to their goal.  

KRDO reached out to the apartment's management for comment but they said they cannot say anything. They did give out the number to the regional property manager who's name is at the bottom of the eviction notices and we have yet to hear back from her.

For those who want to sign the petition click here.

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