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Colorado Springs Palmer HS student speaks out, says 'Safe2Tell is not a joke'

Palmer HS student talks Safe2Tell app

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - For Delenn Bradshaw, reporting a school threat is no joke. 

She's a 14-year-old freshman at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs. She reached out to KRDO after a story aired that showed students calling the app, Safe2Tell a joke. Watch it here. Bradshaw said she wanted to set the record straight and tell us, not all students felt that way.

She says, "There are so many people who do call Safe2Tell and if a few people try to make it into a joke because they say they're going to report kids, then it's just very few compared to the kids who take it seriously."

Safe2Tell is an app created in Colorado meant for students, staff, and parents to submit anonymous tips if they see or hear something suspicious.

In light of the tragic shooting at a Florida high school where 17 people died, Bradshaw says it's time for others to take an app like this one seriously. "No one wants to hear about a school shooting and then go to the school and then be scared that their school will be shot at. No one can expect that, but with kids reporting [to] Safe2Tell, we hope that that won't happen." 

She says most kids inside Palmer High School don't believe Safe2Tell is a joke but admits it does come with a stigma. She says, "If people do find out you called Safe2Tell, I think people should just keep doing what they're doing now. Like okay, they reported something serious and they should have done it, rather than 'you're a snitch.'"

Delenn's mother was present for the interview and told KRDO she's proud of her daughter for speaking out and trying to educate the students around her.


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