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Comparing cases of double teenage homicides in Colorado, Indiana

Few details available in El Paso County case

Comparing teen homicide cases in Colorado, Indiana

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Investigations of teenagers recently found dead in El Paso County and Delphi, Indiana, have similar circumstances but have produced different results so far.

Nearly a week after the discovery Sunday morning of the bodies of Natalie Partida, 16, and Derek Greer, 15, on Old Pueblo Road in southern El Paso County, little information has been released by authorities.

Autopsy results to determine the causes and natures of the teens' deaths are pending.  The Sheriff's Office is investigating the deaths as homicides.

Meanwhile, more progress has been made in the case of two teenage girls who were found dead Feb. 14 in a small town northwest of Indianapolis.

Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, disappeared a day earlier on a hiking trail.  As in the El Paso case, details of the girls' deaths remain unclear and both cases have received national attention.

But in the Indiana case, authorities have held numerous news conferences, released an image of a possible suspect from one of the victims' cellphones, offered a reward of $250,000 for information leading to an arrest and received 13,000 tips from citizens.

KRDO NewsChannel contacted the Sheriff's Office about why the local case hasn't produced results similar to the Indiana case. 

Sheriff Bill Elder declined the interview request.

However, through a spokesperson, Elder said he understands that people want answers about the local case, but it has important differences from the Indiana case and he'll release more information when the time is right.

David Brown, a former police chief in Dallas, Texas, shed some light on the situation during an interview with Good Morning America.

"They want to keep (the investigation) tight-lipped so that when they do identify a suspect, the suspect doesn't create an alibi from the information heard or seen on television or other sources," he said.

People who spoke with KRDO NewsChannel 13 said they trust the Sheriff's Office to conduct a complete investigation but also would like more details released.

"I do feel like the public would like some info," said Patience Kabwasa, whose son attended school with the slain teens.  "Is there a random serial killer out on the loose that we need to be worried about?  If there is, tell us.  If not, tell us that, too."

"Giving away too much information, or not enough information, has got to be a tough call," said Jay Helman.  "But it wouldn't hurt to rule some things out so that we know what we don't have to worry about."

Chris Cousineau is sympathetic toward investigators.

"Maybe they can't share all the information," she said.  "They want to give accurate information to us, but they don't want to speculate and they're trying to do their best."

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