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Student has crutches taken away at Sunrise Elementary School in Widefield

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SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. - We can all relate when it comes to our kids getting sick or having an injury that requires special accommodations at school.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 looked into complaints involving these situations and found they can get tricky if the school guidelines aren't clear.

Here's what happened:

Tatijana Cushon-Anding has been on crutches for the past month after injuring her knee. 

"It was so painful," the 9-year-old said.

Cushon-Anding said the pain got worse last week after a nurse at Sunrise Elementary School took her crutches away, citing she needed a doctors note. It came as a surprise to Tatijana who was already using her crutches for a month before getting this notice.

"It felt like an eternity without something you needed," Tatijana said.

While Tatijana waited for the paperwork to process, she says she spent four hours limping around school.

"She hit her head, she tripped, and then she hit her hip on the water faucet," said Tatijana's mother, Gina.

We contacted the school for an explanation. Samantha Briggs, the Director of Communication for Widefield School District 3, released the statement below to us.

"It is not our standard practice to take crutches away from a student while seeking verification of medical need," she said. "In this situation, an employee misunderstood the initial need to use the crutches.

Like many schools, there aren't specific injury-related rules for faculty and staff to follow. It's usually just recommended by the doctor.

"They need to be really specific, because my daughter is even more injured than she was initially," said Tatijana's mother, Gina.

Briggs said they'll be looking into how they can make these guidelines more clear on a case-by-case basis. 

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