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COS Council Pres. suggests homeless tax, homeless man suggests a job

Homeless Tax Proposal

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Residents on the west side of Colorado Springs were presented the idea of having their taxes raised if that meant the homeless population was decreased in their city on Thursday night.

Colorado Springs City Council President Richard Skorman informally asked community members at a meeting hosted by 'Organization of Westside Neighbors' whether they'd support a tax.

The meeting was originally formed to discuss warming fires and vandalism by homeless people in the area.

The informal proposal had many residents asking where their money would go if taxed. We spoke with some homeless residing in Old Colorado City, and they said instead of money, they'd like a job.

A man who identified himself as 'Sam' said he'd like a counselor or resource office to help homeless men like him to prepare for the job finding process. He says he's applied at places like Taco Bell, where he was quickly rejected by employees.

Living on the streets for 10 years, Sam says he's surprised he couldn't get a job when he first became homeless. He says, "I'm standing on a street corner with 13 years experience as a journeyman electrician."

Skorman says he'd like the tax money to go toward affordable housing, something he says is a "much bigger problem." During the meeting, he says two-thirds of people stood up in support of the tax. 


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