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COS same-sex couple reaches marriage milestone

COS same-sex couple reaches marriage milestone

CLARK COUNTY, Nevada. - A Colorado Springs couple is celebrating a big milestone in Las Vegas, they were the 10,000th same-sex couple to receive a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada.

Jennifer Dickerson and Amanda Falzone met one year ago in Colorado Springs.

"We're two quiet people, homebodies, we don't go out a lot. We keep to ourselves," said Amanda Falzone.

Being in the spotlight was far from their minds when they decided to tie the knot in Sin City on Jan. 20.

"We chose to go to Las Vegas because of the fact that it's easier for us to get married here and faster," said Jennifer Dickerson.

At the time, little did they know signing a marriage license in Clark County would be a milestone for same-sex marriage.

"He was like congratulations, your our 10,000th same-sex couple to get married in Vegas. Next thing you know they had cameras everywhere," Dickerson said.

The lucky couple received a free wedding ceremony, gifts and more, equivalent to hitting the Vegas jackpot.

"We've been greeted with nothing but love and support in Vegas. I'm sure there's people who don't agree but no one has said anything rude," Falzone said.

They call the experience overwhelming and humbling but more importantly, they hope it gives others courage.

"This made us feel like we have a responsibility to stand up for our rights and help other people like us in our community not just LGBT but also women's rights," Dickerson said.

Same-sex marriage was legalized and first issued in 2014.

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