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Crew supervisors discuss side street plowing policies

Colorado Springs has snowfall requirement

Crew Supervisors Explain Side Street...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Local road crew supervisors Wednesday explained the differences in their policies for plowing snow from neighborhood streets, also called side streets or neighborhood streets.

Colorado Springs plows side streets only if they're covered with at least 6 inches of snow, and then only after primary and secondary streets are cleared.

"It takes us a while to get into the residentials," said Corey Farkas, manager of the city's Streets Division.  "We have so many residential roadways that once we do get into them, a good two or three days after the storm starts, at that point if there's that much snow, then it takes us up to a week or two weeks to get everything cleared."

El Paso County routinely plows side streets after crews clear all main streets.

"I know it causes some emotions," said Troy Wittala, the county's highway manager.  "What frustrates people is when conditions change -- say it starts snowing again -- we'll pull off of our (side streets) and go back to (main streets) so we don't lose those, and keep them as clean as possible."

The city has a hotline residents can contact if a street needs to be plowed for safety reasons and falls under the 6-inch requirement.

The hotline number is (719) 385-5934.

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