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Dentists are seeing more marijuana users in their clinics

Marijuana affects oral health

Guerra Dental

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Last Monday marked five years since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado and ever since, health care providers say they're seeing more marijuana users in their clinics and dentists are no different.

Doctor Guerra ofa Guerra Dental in Colorado Springs says marijuana affects oral health no matter if you smoke it or eat it. Consuming cannabis can cause drier mouths since TCH stops the mouth from producing saliva. Dry mouths are more susceptible to cavities, gum irritation, or other oral infections.  Doctor Guerra says exercising good oral hygiene can reduce the effects of cannabis use.

A lot of providers recommend baking soda to place on the teeth to help to clean the film of the teeth a little bit better.  Certainly, we want them to have very good oral health practices in terms of brushing and flossing," says Frederick Guerra.

According to a study, smoking five marijuana cigarettes a week is just as damaging to teeth as a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

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