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Downtown parking issues frustrate merchants in Colorado Springs

Some parking meters removed for bike lanes

Parking problems in downtown Colorado...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A downtown Colorado Springs business owner said recent parking changes are negatively affecting sales at some shops.  

The owner, Jim Ciletti, who owns the bookstore "Hooked on Books" near the intersection of Bijou Street and Cascade Avenue, spoke during the public comments segment of Tuesday's City Council meeting.

He said the removal of parking meters to make room for new bike lanes has made it harder for shoppers to find convenient places to park.

"There are parking garages but they're more designed for long-term parking and not the short-term parking needs of a shopper," he said.

Construction and road projects also are taking up parking spaces.

Ciletti urged the council, particularly council president Richard Skorman--who owns several businesses downtown--to resolve the parking issues before the holiday season arrives.

"Some of our sales are down quite a bit," he said.

Skorman plans to meet with the city's Parking Enterprise and affected business owners to find a solution.

"There are many competing interests downtown," he said.  "But people have to understand that much of what's happening there is designed to make the area more accessible to bikers, pedestrians and the disabled."

A spokesperson for the Downtown Partnership said the situation isn't as bad as it may seem, and that only 16 spaces have been lost to various projects.

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