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Dry winds fueling several Colorado fires

VIDEO Winds fueling Fires

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It was a very busy weekend for fire crews throughout Colorado with dry winds fueling several fires.

Since Saturday there have been six fires in the Southern part of the state. Crews scrambling to get control of the flames while battling high winds and dry conditions. The question remains if we are in our winter season and have already seen so many fires, how bad will it be during the summer?

Captain Brian Vaughn with the Colorado Springs Fire Department says looking forward, it is difficult to determine what the future looks like, "it's hard for us to say in two months this is what's going to happen." 

Recent dry conditions and lack of snow in rain is concerning for the department, but Vaughn says even during snowy winters, fires can still spread. "We have been on grass fires that are burning under snow drifts and we've seen it," Vaughn says. "We've been on grass fires 20 degrees in the middle of the night and they are still burning."

It all comes down to people being aware of the conditions and smart enough to know if it's a windy and dry day, not to ignite any fires outside.

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