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El Paso County extends health plan benefits for family Micah Flick

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The El Paso County Health Plan Trust Board adopted an amendment at a special meeting on Thursday the plan that will extend for one full year the healthcare, dental and vision benefits for the spouse and children of employees killed in the line of duty.

County staff began working to develop the needed change immediately following the shooting death of Detective Micah Flick.   The El Paso County Detective was killed in a shootout on February 5, 2018, while attempting to make an arrest.  Two other El Paso County Deputies, one Colorado Springs Police Officer, and a citizen in the area were wounded in the shooting.

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The health plan amendment, adopted unanimously by the Trust Board will preserve all dependent benefits that were in place at the time of the employee’s death at no cost to the dependents.  Out of pocket medical expenses will also be covered by the County Employees Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

Additionally, members of the Health Plan Trust were given details of benefits through Workers Compensation Insurance. Those benefits are tax-free and typically amount to about two-thirds of the deceased employee’s pay and continue for the spouse of an employee killed on the job until the spouse remarries.  If the spouse remarries, the surviving children receive the benefit until the age of 18 if not in college and 21 if attending college.

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