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"Every time I talk about this it's like I'm reliving it again. Inside the trailer suffocating..."


San Antonio deaths: Survivors shares...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Springs - We hear from a survivor -- who was one of the undocumented immigrants being smuggled into the U.S. now living in Colorado.KRDO NewsChannel 13’s Cinthia Maldonado has the exclusive interview you'll only see on 13.

The survivor asked we not reveal his name. Little did he know, once those doors closed his  chase for the American dream would turn into a nightmare.

This is the story of a man who risked it all for the American dream — after a nightmare he owes his life to this.

"I think that if it had not been for this so insignificant device, I do not know if I'd still be lost or if i already had ceased to exist."

A phone he used to call for help after regaining consciousness.
He was one of the survivors who was insider a semi trailer during a smuggling operation— destined to San Antonio Texas.

"Every time I talk about this it's like I’m reliving it again. Inside the trailer suffocating, people screaming, other's fighting, others dead."

He says Mexico’s poverty forced him like many others to embark in an unknown journey.

"Well I think they were close to 160 people,” and explains he was last to be picked up along with 38 more—filling the last section of the trailer.

As the doors closed, little did he know a three hour ride would almost kill everyone?

"I heard a little boy cry when he began to suffocate from the heat. The mother kept asking for help, she'd yell, my son is suffocating, my son isn't breathing , and minutes later she said my son fainted, he isn’t breathing please help me."

Although there wasn't much to see but pitch black, "You'd breathe hot air and what you touched was hot. We were burning entirely. People body heat just started to multiply and the temperature started to rise. All of us thought, he will soon turn on the air conditioner.”

That switch that never came on. He says they  were,  all covered in sweat.

He never thought the American dream would almost cost him his life, "It’s a big risk."

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