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Fentanyl found in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - A deadly drug has made its way into Colorado, just as President Trump announced a crackdown on border patrol to detect the deadly drug entering the country. 

The drug is called fentanyl. According to the DEA, it's a synthetic opioid that has grown as a public safety threat. 

Pueblo Coroner Brian Cotter told KRDO, several deaths were attributed to the use of fentanyl, and two weeks ago, someone from Pueblo tested positively for the drug after a toxicity test. 

"It's basically impossible to know if you're taking fentanyl or heroin and the problem is that fentanyl is just so much stronger than heroin. It (fentanyl) creates a really dangerous situation for overdose situations," Captain Kenny Rider of the Pueblo Police Department said.



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