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Fired CDOT auditor charged with multiple felonies

Accused of using 4 state credit cars personally

DENVER, Colo. - Colorado Department of Transportation auditor Christopher Wedor is being officially charged with 17 felonies.

Wedor, who was fired during an investigation into his misuse of state-owned credit cards in 2016, has been charged with seven counts of forgery, six counts of attempting to influence a public servant, two counts of identity theft, one count of theft, and one count of computer crimes.

Forgery, a class 5 felony, carries a 1-3 year sentence. The remainder of the crimes, which are all class 4 felonies, carry to 2-6 year sentence.

Denver District attorney Beth McCann filed charges against Wedor On Tuesday July 11. The charges alege that Wedor stole over $20,000 from the Department of Transportation between May and December of 2016 through his state credit card and the cards of three of his subordinates.

An investigation was launched into his actions, by the Colorado Department of Transportation, and Wedor was fired on December 29 of last year.

Wedor turned himself in on Wednesday, July 12, one day after charges were filed. No date for his first court appearance has been set.


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