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Forensic canines find more skeletal remains in Teller County

Teller County find second set of remains

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - The second set of skeletal remains, clothing, and backpack were found Sunday morning near the Catamount trail in Teller County.

There is still no confirmation the remains belong to the only missing person in Teller County, 39-year-old Micah Lambert. She went missing last September and her car was later found at the Catamount parking lot. 

A missing poster sign still hangs at the trailhead opening.

The Colorado Forensic Canine team sent four dogs and their handlers to the area just after 8:30 a.m Sunday. One dog quickly found what Teller County Sheriff's office believes is the rest of the remains that belong to the skull found on Friday. 

Commander Greg Couch says, they were found approximately 280 yards away from the trail and just 60 yards away from where search teams looked yesterday. Although, their location couldn't necessarily be seen by looking out at the clearing. Two crime scene markers barely visible in this picture show the remains and other items were obscured by the brush.

The dogs sent to look for remains this morning belong to the non-profit group, Colorado Forensic Canines, that donate their time and resources to find deceased people. They usually work with law enforcement but have also been known to work with families who have lost loved ones. Their dogs are trained in finding remains that date back to the American Civil War. If you'd like more information, click here.

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