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Friends and family gain support from a comfort dog during Deputy Flick's funeral

Comfort Dogs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - To help support family and friends at the funeral for El Paso Co. sheriff's deputy Micah Flick Saturday, Golden Missions of America brought one of its support dogs.

A Golden Retriever named Emerson, along with his human companion Daniel Sievert, traveled all the way from San Marcos, Tex., to Colorado Springs.

This was Emerson's first time being a comfort dog on his own. Jake, Sievert's previous dog, passed away last month. For this new duo, this is all about helping those who need them most at their time of loss.

"Faces light up, hearts melt, and I think that's part of the initiating of the healing process," Sievert said. "Emerson comes along and hugs and says 'I care for you.' He does it in a very quiet and respectful way, and people walk away with a new memory."

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