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Governor says violence against local law enforcement needs to stop in Colorado

After attending funeral for fallen deputy

VIDEO Too Many Fallen Deputies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Thousands gathered at New Life Church to honor and say goodbye to El Paso County Sheriff's Office Deputy Micah Flick at the church he grew up in and was married.

During the service, many said there is an issue in Colorado about a lack of respect law enforcement. Since the beginning of the year, three deputies all in different counties were killed in the line of duty with Deputy Flick being the latest. However, we cannot forget the deaths of Deputy Zackari Parrish and Deputy Heath Gumm who were also murdered while doing their job.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper attended the funeral. He says the violence against law enforcement has gone too far, "Cleary, we've got a serious problem. It's a big issue." Hickenlooper says the problem stems from a lack of appreciation,  

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder agrees. These deadly shootings against our law enforcement must stop, "It's the third one in 40 days it's tough and they are all sheriff's deputies which is crazy," Elder says, "The senseless violence in this world, we got a find a way to stop."

Police all over the state gathered for the funeral of their fallen brother. Douglas County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Dave Beyer says after hearing of another tragedy like this is heartbreaking.  "Part of it was disbelief, some was anger a lot of sadness," Beyer says, "It was a feeling of enough is enough."

Following the ceremony, everyone watched as those who knew Flick carried his casket outside. Sheriff Elder says the support should not stop here, "Just remember it doesn't end today, we need to stand behind these families and these officers for a long time."


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