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Gunman opens fire at Fort Carson injuring one

Fort Carson Shooting


A lone gunman opened fire in the middle of Fort Carson Thursday afternoon, injuring one person who is said to be in stable condition.

The shooting happened around 3:40 P.M.near the center of the post on Bad Toelz Road, near the headquarters of the Green Berets unit.

Authorities ordered a lock down of facilities and told people to shelter in place. The lockdown caused traffic delays up and down state highway 115.

“I have a kid in daycare and i have a 17 year old who was sitting at the gates stuck in traffic," said Chastity Steele who lives on the post.

Many found themselves stuck in traffic for over an hour until the lockdown was lifted. Many were trying to get home. Some frustrated at the lack of information.

"You know usually active shooters, we have a description of them and we didn't get anything,"
said Army Specialist Maria Villarreal. "I was just glad that my daughter wasn’t on post because that would have been really scary." 

Initial scanner traffic said the suspect involved in the shooting was a man in his 30s but it’s still unclear if this was an active duty member or what if any his relationship was to the victim.


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