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Harvey Victims Buying Cars in Colorado Springs

How Hurricane Harvey is impacting us locally

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Governor of Texas says Hurricane Harvey could cause up to $180 Billion in damage, with millions of dollars coming from car damage. 

It's estimated that Hurricane Harvey left up to a million cars inoperable in the area. Local car dealerships in Colorado Springs say they have already received calls from Harvey victims asking questions about shipping cars to them.

Corinna Couchman with Bob Penkhus Automotive says they have already received some calls. "We've gotten a little bit of attention. We've got some people in Texas reaching out to us looking at vehicles we can ship to them and the purchase process," says Couchman.

Couchman and other local dealers say they expect more calls in the next few months as insurance goes through for victims. They also say dealerships in Texas will not be able to keep up with the hight demand.

 "We anticipate there will be a bigger influx in the coming months as things start to settle down," Couchman says.

While Colorado Springs residents are not feeling the impact of Hurricane Harvey on their cars, they are feeling it at the pump. According to AAA, the average cost of gas in Colorado Springs is $2.54 which is up 28 cents from the previous month because of Hurricane Harvey.

National retail organizations like Walmart are still taking donations in the checkout lines. For every dollar you donate with Walmart, they will essentially triple it. So if you donate one dollar, they will donate two. Facebook says they will match the amount you donate up to a million dollars, basically doubling any amount you give.


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