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Hayden Graham - Shark attack survivor (Sort Of)

Hayden Graham

     When the basketball leaves the left hand of Hayden Graham more times than not this is end result. It's a sweet sound that almost wasn't, depending on who you ask, "but to this day no one still believe me and my brother tells me it was something else"  About that  something else, "I'm a shark attack survivor." Now before you say what? One day when Graham was in sixth grade his was boogie boarding off the coast of Texas when he felt something, "Just got this nip like this quick bite down and I looked down and there as a little baby shark, As soon as it happen I was kind like shocked and I looked back and I was like, YO I just got bit by a shark, everyone was like no you didn't. My hand is actually bleeding to where it was like I could show people. I'm not just lying to this day no one believe me "

     If you look closely you can make out a one inch scar on his ring finger, "yeah it was it was a little guy but it was a shark."


     Graham didn't need stitches and he says he can argue the fact it was a shark because when he was younger he wanted to be a marine biologist and studied ocean life, "Oh absolutely I did know what I was talking about I saw the shark I'm going to live with that forever. No one is going to tell me it was a fish"


     This shark attack survivor won't allow a little bite to drown his dreams, "I just love the beach I still want to live on the beach one day that's my dream."  

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