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He sits for hours at his usual spot asking for little help.

Homeless vet street story

Old CO City Homeless Vet

OLD COLORADO CITY, Colo. - We've all seen the signs, and requests for help. Homeless men and women holding them at busy intersections and on narrow medians. Often times, we find ourselves wondering, how they got there?

News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado join us in the studio with the story of one man who claims to be a veteran, just trying to make ends meet.

Numbers we found show there are more than 1,500 homeless men and women throughout Colorado Springs and that number grows every day. I talked to one homeless man, who is a regular at a certain stoplights near Old Colorado City.

 "I just play it every day one day at a time."

David Lyndfors is often seen on Colorado Avenue— he gets around on a wheelchair with the help of his heels. "I worked most of my life except for the past four years. I been kind of down on my luck."

He sits for hours at his usual spot, asking for little help.

"Trying to maintain, I got a retirement coming up here pretty quick, waiting on that I won't have to do this anymore."

When he turned 60, he says life simply fell apart, “I broke three bones in my back and it put me in this thing,” making the streets his home.

"We lost our jobs and after that I couldn't find work or anything, and i had a fall last year. Ended up in this definitely can't work now you know."

Many cars drive through Colorado and 30th. Within in the last 40 min one person has given this homeless vet some change— so how much does he average a day?

"It varies from day to day. I only like to be here for a couple of hours and I can usually make 20 dollars."

"Now to do this, it's downgrading,” David says his cardboard sign isn't something he's proud of but patiently awaits for next month.

"I got a retirement coming in here real shortly. Me and a couple of friends found a place to live around October 1st."
Until then, the spare change will help him get by.

With little family to fall back on, David says he's made friendships with others living on the streets.

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