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Hearings begin for ex-Fort Carson soldier accused of double murder


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Monday marked the first day of evidentiary hearings for El Paso County’s first death-penalty case in a decade. Glenn Law Galloway is the ex-Fort Carson soldier accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and a homeless man on consecutive days in May of 2016.

Judge Gregory Werner said on Monday that "Every decision made in this case will be scrutinized for years."

Galloway faces two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend Janice Nam and a homeless man named Marcus Anderson.

The slayings took place on back to back days in may last year.

The question is how are the two murders related if they are at all? Police and prosecuters haven’t said yet, but on Tuesday a judge will hear arguments from both the prosecution and defense on whether or not Galloway should stand two different murder trials or just one.

Before the homicides took place last year, records show Galloway was wanted by police for several months after cutting off an ankle monitor he was forced to wear after being convicted of stalking Janice Nam. 

Nam, had a permanent restraining order against Galloway at the time police say he fatally shot her at her home on the 6000 block of Miramont Street in Stetson Hills. Anderson’s body was found in a storage unit he lived in near the intersection of N. Nevada Avenue and E. Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs.

Galloway waived his right to a speedy trial on Monday and Judge Gregory Werner set an initial trial date of January 2, 2018. Werner expects about 600 potential jurors will be contacted for the case. 

On Tuesday, Galloway’s defense team hopes to present key witnesses to rebuff many of the statements made by Janice Nam in the 2014 trial where Galloway was found guilty of stalking her. The defense hopes to tear apart Nam’s credibility in that case, and hopes that no incriminating evidence from that trial will be allowed in Nam’s murder trial. 

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