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Here is how you can "Wrestle Like A Girl"

Wrestle like a Girl

Wrestling might have saved Sally Roberts life, "Growing up I had a really challenging childhood, I got arrested by the cops so many times that they said I could either go to juvenile detention or find an after-school sport," says Roberts.

Little did she know she'd fit right in on the mat, "I was a troublemaker and a fighter and I liked conflict so because of the baggage that I brought on board I was pretty much let go and I could be whoever I was," says Roberts.

As her young wrestling career began to flourish - a loss at the Olympic trials pushed her to find new meaning in life, "I was really bummed out about it so I decided that I needed to do something that would help me get perspective. So I joined the army and was deployed to combat in Afghanistan," says Roberts.

While in Afghanistan - Sally found her passion for helping others, When she returned to America, she founded the "Wrestle Like A Girl" program to help young women unlock their potential, "Sometimes I wake up and I just don't want to go to the wrestling room and I don't want to practice. But you know what, I have and opportunity that so many people have worked for me to get here," says Brianna Scontos.

Brianna Scontos found gratitude through the "Wrestle Like A Girl" program and she's passing it along to others, "When I work with other girls it reminds me that it's my duty now, that's my duty to work hard so that they can also have the same opportunities I've been given," says Scontos.

"Wrestle Like A Girl" hosts camps around the country, including at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. To find out how you can get involved visit "Wrestle Like A Girl" dot org.



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