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Here's how you can help the families affected by the Sunstone townhomes fire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Twenty homes in Southeast Colorado Springs are all nearly destroyed after a fire Monday afternoon.

That means 20 families no longer have a place to live, and most didn't have time to grab any of their belongings on their way out of their homes.

Many members of the community have wanted to know how they can help those who have been affected by the fire. (PHOTOS)

You can help out by taking all donations to Springs Adventist Academy at 5410 Palmer Park Blvd.

The Red Cross has also stepped in to help the displaced families.

Any family affected who has not yet called the Red Cross should call 719-785-2768. You have until April 2 to sign up to get help.

The Red Cross is taking monetary donations only. They can be made at the Colorado Springs Red Cross office at 1040 8th Street.

As of Thursday, the First Pentecostal Church is no longer accepting donations. Again, you can take all donations to Springs Adventist Academy at 5410 Palmer Park Blvd. instead.

The three-alarm fire was at a townhome complex on Charleston Drive. (MAP)  The fire tore through the townhome complex, impacting at least 20 units. The fire is believed to have been caused by a cigarette that was put out in a potted plant that ignited and damaged a natural gas meter, which caused the fire to spread throughout the complex. (PHOTOS)

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