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It's a different way to find your inner Zen—goat yoga!

Goat Yoga with Hannah Grace

Goat Yoga in the Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Yoga is all about finding inner peace but one class in Southern Colorado is expanding its practice to include goats.
KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us why goat yoga is sweeping the workout world.

It's a different way to find your inner Zen—goat yoga!
"It's almost easier to perform around goats because you just are having more fun you know people kind of let loose a little more because sometime yoga can seem so serious," explains yoga instructor Hannah Sekovski.

A session nestled in the grass at Purified Colorado Ranch. Yogis in pose, a few finding tiny goats staring back.

"A lot of laughter a lot of fun. I mean it's so much fun to have these animals here that you know most people necessarily don't see in their daily lives. They have really fun personalities; they bring out a lot of humor in the class," says Sekovski. 

The latest trend allowing cuddling sessions, giggles and many photo ops, "I don't want them to come strictly for the yoga class you can do that at a gym or a studio. I want them to come for the fun of the scenery, for something different. I want them to relax."

[Hannah] "Alright from extended child pose let’s go ahead and rise up, come into our all fours."

[Reporter] “Right now, we are practicing goat yoga. The craze that's sweeping the nation, allowing the community to come together, and of course create once-in-a lifetime- memories.”

Yoga enthusiast say goat yoga is its own kind of meditation, “Yoga in certain practices can be about you centering yourself and focusing on your breath but this was much more about a community experience with the whole class. Everyone is taking pictures of each other and laughing," says Lindsay Walters

"Keeping the class at 15 allows for more intimate encounter with the goats and people," adds Aaron Csepregi.

Doing yoga on top of playing with all of the goats it's really fun,” says Noah Sailer. His sister agrees and adds, "It was a 10 out of a 10. I'm going to do it again probably.”

Yoga instructor Hannah Sekovski points out — goats are the new unorthodox twist to the mind and body practice.

To sign up for a class visit: Goat Yoga with Hannah Grace.

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