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Denver Zoo provides update on Dobby the baby giraffe

DENVER - The Denver Zoo updated the condition of a baby giraffe that is capturing hearts across the country Friday evening. 

Dobby was born on Tuesday. At first, he had difficulty standing and nursing. When he was finally able to start nursing, bloodwork showed that he wasn't able to receive enough infection-fighting proteins from his mother. 

On Thursday morning, Dobby was given a transfusion of plasma to restore his antibody levels to normal.

On Friday evening, the zoo sent the following update on Dobby: 

We appreciate everyone's well wishes for Dobby! He is still behind-the-scenes resting with mom, but has been nursing and gaining weight. We know that everyone is eager for updates and we will continue to give them when we have more information and will make sure to post when he is visible to the public.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo donated the plasma that Dobby received Thursday. That's not Dobby's only connection to the zoo in Colorado Springs. His dad, Dikembe, was born there. 

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