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Local company Boecore wins government contract

The company will develop misile warning system

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Boecore, a local aerospace and defense engineering company, has been awarded a contract from the Department of Defense to develop the Shared Early Warning System (SEWS II) for the Air Force.

The company, which is based out of Colorado Springs, won the contract after competing with several other companies. 

They will be working with Northrop Grumman and CACI to develop SEWS II, and will be responsible for the creation, implementation, and training of personnel for the system.

Founder and CEO of Boecore, Kathy Boe, explained that the win is good news for Colorado Springs.

"The jobs that are here in Colorado Springs is the kind of work that is here in Colorado Springs," Boe said, "For our company it fits really nicely in with our core capabilities today, which includes the system engineering, and the integration, and the logistics, and the configuration, and the management and the cybersecurity. All of those things fit in with what Boecore does."

Boe also explained that they will be hiring quite a few personnel in the near future.

"Our business has grown quite a bit this year," Boe said, "this year we have already hired 60 people up until the end of June, and expect to hire 50 more if not more than that. The areas we hire in are... highly technical roles."

For more information on Boecore, visit their website at

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