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Local Fans Celebrate Super Bowl at Colorado Springs bars

Local Fans Super Bowl Watch Party

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two Colorado Springs bars scored big on Super Bowl Sunday.

Inside On the Boulevard, Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrated starting Sunday afternoon. They awaited their first Super Bowl win ever.

Fans said, "You're born and your mother wraps you in a blanket... sooner after you're wearing green." Others said, "We were the best team the whole season, we were overcoming obstacles over obstacles and injury over injuries."

At the Fox and Hound bar, New England Patriot fans filled the entire restaurant awaiting what could have been the 6th win for the football team.

Pats fan said, "they know what to do before a game and they know how to prepare for a game and they're just ready to win."

According to WalletHub, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most expensive nights across the country. Consumers will spend, on average $81. That's just ahead of 4th of July with $78 per person, and St. Patrick's Day at $38. On New Year's Eve, consumers spend close to $200.

A Philadelphia fan said, if his team wins, he'd probably spend more.


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