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Colorado Springs schools receive threats in wake of Florida shooting

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Local high schools have received threats this week in the wake of the Florida high school shooting.

Sierra High School left a voicemail to parents Friday morning saying there are "no real threats to Sierra at this time." The school continued to say there are only rumors of threats and they are actively investigating them.

Harrison District 2 public information officer, Christine O'Brien said the rumors of threats began at Harrison High School Thursday. 

“They were talking about Florida, and then other kids overheard that and began to get scared and think they were talking about their current campus. When actually, they were talking about the events that had happened this week," O'Brien said.

Widefield School District 3 also experienced threats but said the threats were unsubstantiated and sent out an email to parents Friday morning stating rumors of threats from another school district were made to theirs as well via SnapChat. The email goes on to say the rumors are unsubstantiated and insured student's safety at school.

However, the incident still kept Widefield High School student, James Peters, home. 

"I'm scared to go to school," Peters said. "Me and all my friends stayed home today because we're scared. And if it's not going to happen today, what's to say it's not going to happen on Tuesday when we go back?"

Peters said he received several SnapChats from his friends Thursday night and Friday morning warning him not to go to school. He added he hopes the threats, whether rumors or not, are actually taken seriously by the districts. 

"Investigating every, single claim, whether it's big or small. Nothing should be under the radar," Peters said. 

Peters also added he doesn't know if he'll ever come to class worry-free again. 

"That will always be on the back of my mind," Peters said. 

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