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#MaketaTrial: Breakdown of charges

Breakdown of Maketa Charges

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - After three weeks of trial, a verdict is in. Former sheriff Terry Maketa found not guilty on 3 counts, the jury hung on the remaining four counts.

But exactly what do those acquitted charges surround? Here's a breakdown.

1.) Witness tampering (class 4 felony)
2.) Conspiracy to commit witness tampering (class 5 felony)
The tampering charges relate to allegations that Maketa convinced Kelly Trull, a jail nurse, to change her story about domestic abuse in order to help then-deputy Travis Garretson.

3.) One count of first-degree official misconduct (class 2 misdemeanor)
Maketa faced three counts of that charge but was found not guilty on one count which related to Lt. Charles Kull with the Sheriff's office. Kull testified he was terminated without cause and put on the Brady without reason. A Brady list consists of officers names who've departed from the truth and it hurts their chance at future employment.

The four counts the jury hung on:

1.) Extortion (class 4 felony)
2.) Conspiracy to commit extortion (class 5 felony)
The extortion counts relate to Maketa threatening to pull a 5 million dollar health care contract with the El Paso County jail, if administrators didn't fire an employee named Wendy Habert. Habert testified she was fire without reason. Maketa's defense argued Habert was let go for performance issues.

3.) Two counts of first-degree official misconduct:
The counts of official misconduct relates to former employees Ray Herhart and Jim Reid testifying Maketa put them on the Brady list without reason.

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