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Manitou Incline reopens after 3-month closure

Manitou Incline reopens after three...

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - The Manitou Incline has reopened after being closed since August for repairs.

To celebrate the reopening, Olympic hopeful Trinity Griffin cut the ribbon alongside mayor John Suthers.

Griffin considers this milestone one of her own.

"We used to do this to train for wrestling all the time but I had a lot of knee injuries, I had two surgeries in 2012 and haven't been able to climb the incline since then," she said.

A different challenge was for crews. They spent three months working to make this trail more safe.

"It's extremely challenging, planning it out and executing. Making sure you time things with the helicopter," said Tim Emick, owner of Timberline Landscape.

At the base of the incline, the changes aren't as noticeable, but as you start to make your way up the trail, you can really start to see the improvements."

"We built a lot of retaining walls, built a lot of erosion control diversions to get off the incline, so it's a stable trail," Emick said.

Now, while hikers make their way up the one mile ascent, they can do so with safety in mind.

"This is so exciting, obviously look at the crowed of people here, there's excitement and assets to the community," said David Adair, president of Incline Friends.

The project cost $1 million and was funded by a FEMA hazard mitigation grant, and open space and parks funding. More improvements are on the way. The city was granted a $2 million fund for repairs next year.

If you're planning on hiking this, parking prices have changed. If you park at the Barr Trail lot, you now need to make reservations for $20 a day.

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