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Manitou Springs city council discusses options to cover lost railway funds

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - It's been the Manitou Springs' leading revenue generator. With the Pikes Peak Cog Railway shutting down for the season and possibly going away for good, the City council discussed Tuesday night possible solutions to make up for those lost funds.

There are more than 30 options that the council can choose from increasing sales tax on recreational marijuana to adding additional fees. Mayor Ken Jaray says a solution is out there, "We are trying to increase our revenue we are also trying to decrease our expenses."

The council has their own ideas on what should be done. Councilman Jay Rohrer thinks adding a transportation fee for maintenance would be good. Rohrer says, "It could bring in quite a bit of revenue and offset revenue that we are currently spending out of our general fund on street maintenance."

However, Rohrer and other members say they are in no rush to find an answer, saying last year due to problems with the Cog, they didn't receive any funding for four months. Rohrer says, "While substantial, it isn't such a large piece of our budget that we can't figure out way's to absorb it and mitigate it."

But that doesn't mean city leaders are taking it lightly. They say they will figure something out, but it's not a rush priority.

CORRECTION: In our story, we reported that one of the options was to add fees to the incline in Manitou Springs, but the mayor says that is not one of the options.

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