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MARK REDWINE PRESSER: "We now have the evidence we need"

La Plata County Press Conference Recap

DURANGO, Colo. - The La Plata County Sheriff's Office and the District Attorney, held a press conference on Tuesday regarding the arrest of Mark Redwine over the weekend. 

Few details were released by the District Attorney Christian Champagne and the La Plata County Sheriff Sean Smith other than they finally had what they needed to indict Mark Redwine on the charges of second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

Champagne said the 4 1/2 years of investigating the death of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine took patience in making sure they had all the evidence necessary. 

"We have not stopped working for justice for Dylan. We now have the evidence we need. You only get one chance to get things right," Champagne said.

Champagne wouldn't specify if new evidence lead to Mark's arrest in fear it would compromise the investigation. However, he added that the discovery of Dylan's skull in 2015 played a crucial role in their investigation.

Indictment papers released by the District Attorney's office revealed that Dylan's blood was found in multiple parts of Mark's home in 2013. So, we asked investigators why his arrest came years later.

“A young boy lost his life and whatever amount of time that took to get there we were willing to do it. We finally got to the point we needed to move forward.” said Sheriff Smith.

Dylan's mother Elaine Hall also spoke at the press conference, giving a an emotional speech.

“On November 12th I got a text that no mother wants to receive. It was my ex-husband asking if I knew where Dylan was. My heart dropped because he was supposed to be with his dad," Hall said.

Hall went on to say although it's been a lengthy timeline leading up to the arrest, it shows how complex this case has been.

“It’s encouraging to know the process has been lengthy but we are moving onto this step and next step to follow. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m fortunate for the people on our side," she sad.


It can takes weeks or months before Mark is extradited back to Colorado but in the meantime, Hall says this arrest brings closure.


“I was glad were seeing a positive step in the right detection, we still have a long way to go but I’m grateful for where we are now," she said.

Once the indictment and warrant were issued, three investigators made a trip to Washington State on July 22 to make the arrest. 

Mark Redwine was driving a truck and had to turn around due to it being overweight. He had to head back to Washington State. As they were reloading the truck, investigators were able to make the arrest. 

What's next?

A warrant has been sent to Governor Hickenlooper's office. He will then sign it and forward it to the Governor in Washington. 

“Mr. Redwine can plead guilty or not guilty and at that time well have a better understanding of the case but were ready for trial and ready for justice for Dylan," said Christian Champagne, District Attorney.

Next, Mark Redwine will decide whether to challenge extradition and have things go to a hearing in Washington or he will waive his rights and will be extradited sooner rather than later. 

Champagne hopes to hold court proceedings in La Plata County so that the "community can see justice for Dylan."

More than 30 agencies assisted with this investigation as well as Mark's arrest.

Dylan Redwine was last seen on November 18, 2012. Some of his human remains were found not far from Mark Redwine's home in Bayfield in June of 2013. His skull was found months later in the same area. 

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