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Matt Serratore playing hockey for his Uncle

Matt is the nephew AFA hockey coach

Matt Serratore

For Matt Serratore when it came to choosing a school he wasn't sure if Air Force was for him, "There was a lot to think about I never really saw myself coming to a military school."

His Uncle Frank thought it would be a great place for him to attend college and play hockey, you know his Uncle Frank, know this guy. "I need a week off. Cuz I don't trust myself. You can feel sorry for yourself or get pissed off. You guys just keep asking get questions I wish you ask a bad one so i could go off. We put so much energy into winning this damn thing," (quotes from the past from Air Force hockey coach Frank Serratore. " At first it was a little bit weird seeing him as the head coach instead of an Unlce but the adjustment was really smooth and it hasn't been an issue at all," says the nephew of Frank Serratore.

Matt has adjusted and he can tell when Uncle Frank is being serious or he being light hearted,"If he is joking he will kind of let you know a little smirk or chuckle or something you just kind of know by his facial expression and his intense whether or not he is heckling you a little bit or he's serious. Have you ever laughed when he was being serious? Yeah there's been times when were I probably had to muffle my laugh a little bit but usually when he talks I take it pretty seriously and listen up because usually worth listening too."

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