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McDonald's in Colorado Springs Bans backpacks due to issues with homeless

VIDEO McDonalds Bans Backpacks

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Hungry customers will have to leave their backpacks in the car if they decide to get a quick bite to eat at one Colorado Springs McDonald's 

The location on Garden of the Gods road posted a sign last week in the entrance to their restaurant saying they will no longer allow anyone with a backpack, duffel bag, or hiking bag to enter the building. It's the only McDonald's in Colorado Springs to have this rule. 

Public relations representative for the McDonald's, Debbie Fitzgerald says the restaurant implemented the new rule because of safety concerns for customers and workers. She says staff has recently seen drug-related suspicious activity happen inside the restaurant involving the homeless bringing in their backpacks.

Neighboring restaurants say they have similar problems. A manger at Carl's Jr. says they have to lock the restaurant's restroom because of homeless going inside and using drugs. A manger at Drifter's Burgers says he has seen heroin and needles laying on the floor of their restroom.

Fitzgerald says McDonald's is working close with Colorado Springs police on the issue. We reached out to police for comment but have not heard back. 

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