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Mike Palumbo resigns as head football coach at Pueblo Centennial

Palumbo calling it quits after 9 years

Mike Palumbo resigns

Mike Palumbo is a coach fueled by passion, when the passion left, it was time for him to leave too, "It was hard, it was a tough thing to do. To say goodbye to it, especially the group of people we have here at Centennial High School which is the greatest place on earth as far as I'm concerned, it was tough to let it go," says Palumbo.

Perhaps even before Palumbo noticed it himself, his players felt the winds of change approaching, "He wasn't the Coach Palumbo that we always had, he was being a little bit more kind to us, in a sort of way," says Lane Bourdon.

He demanded a lot from his players but in return he gave all of himself, "Just after my last game at Air Academy he gave me a hug for the first time ever, I think that's the first time he's given me a hug. He was just proud of me and it was a good feeling," says Bourdon. "It's a tough deal because you create special relationships with these kids, by far that's the thing I'll miss the most, " says Palumbo.


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