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Half of Teller County Adults Own Guns

according to survey

VIDEO Teller County ranked 8th in...

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - Teller County residents love their guns. A new survey done by says Teller county ranks number eight in the nation for gun ownership. Saying 52 percent of the adult population have a firearm.

Jon Devaux the owner of Alpine Firearms in Woodland Park says he sells about 500 guns a year. From handguns to rifles, people come in everyday looking to buy. 

Devaux says he is not surprised by Teller County's ranking. He actually thought it would be higher. He goes on to say that they people buying firearms from him are not hoarders, but collectors. "It's mostly hunters and sportsman," says Devaux.

The Sheriff for Teller County says the ranking is great. Sheriff Jason Mikesell encourages people to use their second amendment right. "I think the more armed folks we have that are legal, lawful, legally abiding citizens, that's a wonderful thing and I would promote it."



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