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Motorcycle Stolen with Mother's Ashes

Family asking for Motorcycle and Ashes back

VIDEO Stolen Motorcycle Carrying Ashes


A man and his family are asking for the public's help finding a stolen motorcycle carrying something priceless to the family, their mother's ashes.

Tom Gallagher says he left his motorcycle at his friends house on the west side of Colorado Springs. When he went to pick it up on Thursday, his friend told him it was gone. "He said your bike is gone," says Gallagher recalling the moment he found out.

Gallagher says he met the love of his life in Montana more than 30 years ago, "When we first met we couldn't stand each other. Then one day we realized that we could not live without each other."

From there, Gallagher married and had three kids with his wife after moving to Colorado Springs in 1984. "She was the love of my life. The most important person on the planet to me. That doesn't go away."

Then in 2007, his wife had a double stroke, almost ending her life. Gallagher then spent the next six years caring for her, until she passed in 2013.

To keep her memory alive, he bought and rebuilt a motorcycle, the same kind as the one he had when first met his wife, and placed a box with her ashes on the bike so she could always ride with him. "It takes me back to the times when we were young again," Gallagher says. "Having her on back, her arms around me, her head nestled on my shoulder. They were just good times."

Gallagher would ride that bike everyday, thinking about his wife every time he got on. He says, "in the morning i'd get on the bike and say 'good morning' to her and at the end of the day when we got off of it, I'd say, 'thank you, honey,' it made me close to her." 

All he and his family are asking from the person who stole it, is to leave the motorcycle on the side of the road for police to find. So he and can be reunited with the love of his life. "Police will find it, they'll call me," Gallagher says. "I'm not interested in finding you, I really don't want to go looking for it but it means a lot. She means a lot."

The motorcycle was reported stolen to police. If you have seen it, you are encouraged to contact local authorities.

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