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Nam & Eggs - Broncos need go back to their week two costumes

Nam - Eggs Broncos need to dress up in

It's time for another serving of Nam & Eggs. Halloween is a week from tonight. Kids will be dressing up and going trick-a-treating.

My question is what happen to this team? The team that crushed the Cowboys 42-17 in week two. Was this a trick? Because I haven't seen this treat in the last month.

The roster is way too talented to be playing this poorly. Who are these masked men dressed like the Broncos?

I don't know if I like this millennial approach to football.

They need to stop being so pragmatic and let loose. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a lit bit of this, a little passion, a little fire.

Here's what's happening, teams are building leads on the Broncos and then getting more conservative than Rush Limbaugh. So if you are behind and your offense can't score and your defense is the best part of the your team. Let them take over.

Broncos defensive coordinator Joe Woods needs to unleash the wolves and take opposing offenses to the woodshed. They need to gamble, they need to take more risks. Blitz a little. Hey if you are already behind what do you have to lose, you are already losing. They ned to create opportunities and aid the offense.

The current Broncos need to take off the mask of false bravado and start believing in themselves again. Because if they don't, their season will be over and dead like the lonely attractive women in the woods, in one of those cheesy Friday the 13th movies, getting chased by someone wearing a mask much like the one I'm wearing.

The Broncos need to go back to playing the game, like a child on Halloween, with pure joy, knocking on doors, in search for the best sweets.



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