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New Colorado Springs police officers shielded with active shooter gear

54 officers geared with active...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Sunday morning's 11 a.m. service at Church For All Nations was filled to the brim.

In the far left corner, sat Colorado Springs' newest police officers. On stage were their new active shooter kits. 

With the help of Shield616, an organization that provides top of the line equipment to officers across the state, members of the church were able to sponsor the $1400 kits for individual officers, a price, not every department can always afford.

Each kit includes, a Mich Ballistic Helmet, a Shield616 Ballistic Plate Carrier Vest with pouches, NIJ Level IV stand along rifle plates, Shield616 individual trauma aid kit and various surveillance gear.

Police Chief Pete Carey says, "the kits protect against rifle rounds. We had some tragedies in years past like Planned Parenthood that we could have used rifle rated protection."

Pat and Jerry Vance who sponsored an officer said, "We just felt like we needed to have a personal connection with one of them. I think it gives them confidence in what they're doing and it shows how much people care."

Lucas Aragon, a recipient, and graduated Colorado Springs officer said, "I was actually considering purchasing some of this stuff on my own because I thought it was important."

In the crowd on the far right corner of the church sat Rachael Flick, widow of fallen Deputy Micah Flick, who died in the line of duty earlier this month. The crowd stood and applauded when she was recognized. A memorial armor package was given to the El Paso County Sheriff's office in honor of Flick.

She and hundred others watched as 53 officers were introduced and prayed with their sponsors.

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