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New Life Church remembers tragedy after Texas church shooting, talks church security

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - New Life Church in Colorado Springs is remembering the lives of those killed in a tragic shooting in a Texas church.

The church posted to its Facebook page:

In 2007, Matthew Murray shot and killed two people inside the New Life Church. He was shot by a church security volunteer before killing himself. Three others were hurt in the attack. 

After seeing tragedy themselves, as well as in other places like Charleston and Texas, the church is hoping other religious organizations will step up security.

On the church's website, Pastor Brady Boyd wrote "The sad reality is that every church should have a strategy to protect its members when they gather. We had a great plan on December 9, 2007 that saved scores of lives and today, we are even more prepared. In fact, our church may be the safest public gathering place in our city. We take it seriously."

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Other southern Colorado churches are also taking security seriously in the wake of the attack. Grande Baptist church says it uses a security team made up of former police officers, current military police and even a retired security agent. Church leaders do admit it may not be enough to stop a shooter. 

"We know that you can't prevent it, 'cause otherwise we'd have stopped all of these," said Pastor Devin Knuckles. 

All Souls Unitarian Church in Colorado Springs says it does not have the funding to pay for security cameras to prevent vandalism and other crimes. Instead the church has worked with the Colorado Springs Police Department on a backup plan which includes a safe room. 

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