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Nightmare honeymoon for Colorado couple stuck in the eye of Catagory 5 Hurricane Irma

WATCH Nightmare honeymoon for Co couple stuck in eye of Hurricane Irma

A Colorado couple says they are grateful to be back in town after they found themselves in the eye Hurricane Irma on their honeymoon in St. Maarten.

When the storm hit the small Caribbean island, Irma was listed as a category 5 storm.  

Zac Schmidt and Katherine Saturnino Schmidt got married just days before Hurricane Irma hit the area.

Seeing the hurricane heading their way early in the week, they couldn't get a flight off the island, so their only choice was to hunker down and wait it out.

They said it was several hours of rain, wind, and uncertainty, but after a while, the storm came and went, and they were ok.

But in the aftermath of the storm, the couple said it became truly terrifying in the community.

“When there's no food or water the locals start getting really worried. The police were really corrupt. If you were driving and you had supplies in your car they would take your car and your supplies and kick you out. There was a lot of looting obviously. Even in our resort people are getting mugged. It was pretty dangerous,” said Zac Schmidt.

After several days in the aftermath, the couple finally made it back to the Denver airport late Thursday night.

See their full story above.

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