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One Colorado elector fails to vote for Clinton, is replaced

One Colorado elector fails to vote for Clinton, is replaced

DENVER - Protestors shouted inside the Colorado State Capitol Monday after an elector who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton was removed and replaced.

The law requires Colorado's electors to vote for the candidate chosen by the voters. Hillary Clinton won Colorado in November.

Eight of Colorado's nine electors voted for Clinton.

The elector who did not vote for Clinton was identified as Michael Baca. Baca was removed and a replacement was sworn in, as per a recent court ruling.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said he was shocked at Baca's actions.

"I'm disappointed that within minutes of taking an oath required by Colorado law he would choose not to," he said.

Baca's lawyer tried to prevent him from being dismissed and some people in the audience at the state Capitol booed the decision.

Hamilton Electors said even if they don't secure all 37 votes, this movement is to prove a point.

"It's time for the electoral college to go, to be revamped, to do away with it, times have changed, it's been over 200 years later," said Beth Turner.

Other bystanders disagreed saying our political process is the 'way it should be.'

"This is the way that our system has worked for over 200 years, people may not be happy with the overall results but that's the way it's supposed to be," said Shelly Kalkowski. 

The vote was also delayed by a last-minute fight over what oath electors had to take before casting their votes. The new oath makes it easier to charge anyone who doesn't vote for the election winner with perjury.

The replacement elector was identified as Celeste Landry. 

Despite today's symbolic protest efforts, the ballots won't be officially counted until January 6th.

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